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Tell Me

Hello folks. I've been thinking about this site lately and the kinds of posts that I include. That got me to thinking about you that visit this site from time to time. I wonder what kinds of things would you like to see. This site is based on visiting unique places,people and the Swift legend as well as my book. And honestly, I want to promote the sale of my book. This is one method but of course, I need lots of visitors some of which may just want to purchase their own book or eBook. I want to keep those who visit the site interested in returning and (this is very important) sharing the site with others. The more visitors to this blog the better the sales of my book.     You can help me by sharing this blog with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Simply share the link and ask them to check it out. I realize not everyone is interested in the things included in this blog and that is why I am asking you to tell me what you would like to see covered here. You can post that in a com…

The Red River Gorge-Ground Zero

Thanks for visiting my blog site. Here you will find among other things, some interesting background about the legend of John Swift's silver mines. Especially in the area of the Red River Gorge which I would consider ground zero for the legend. This is one of the hottest regions for the treasure search. There are other places in Kentucky that provide the potential hiding place of the elusive treasure, if it indeed ever existed. Serious searches have identified many places around the state, Eastern Tennessee, and Western Virginia. Landmarks and clues can be found in all three places.      I have written a novel that is based on the famous legend but has some unique historical twists. I invite you to go to my publishers site here and read an except from the book and if you like it purchase your own copy!     I am the cousin of the late Michael Paul Henson who searched for the treasure and more importantly wrote extensively about the treasure and treasure hunting in general. He …

Joe Ley

While most of my posts are devoted to the outdoors and nature stuff, especially about the Swift legend and mines, I do have other interests. In fact, like most of you I find about everything on the unusual and different side of Kentucky fascinating. During my travels around the state whether doing research on the Swift book or other upcoming projects I often encounter some really neat places and people. In fact, I really devoted this blog to sharing and creating interest in some off the path, mostly overlooked places. Most of us like to do this I suspect, I'm just a bit more mouthy about it I suppose. This entry is a diversion. All those of you arriving at this page from my web site or some other location, please browse through the archives listed on the right side of this page. There is a lot of information about the Swift story, geology, history and my book is available for purchase from that site. There are also some good links I encourage you to check out.
    If you are …