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Swift Journal

I originally started this blog for the main purpose of cross promoting the book I wrote about the Swift legend. I still do devote much of the efforts of this site to promote the sale of that book. However, the site has grown over the years to be more than just a collection of clues and discussion of the Swift legend or the book. I have found myself in one continuous adventure of discovering and rediscovering interesting places, things and people around my beloved state of Kentucky. Each day many people visit the blog site and hopefully go away with a bit more desire to make their own adventure of exploration come to life.     With that said, I do realize that a great number of site visitors end up here at this blog site in their search for Kentucky history and the quest for more information about the legend of John Swift's mysterious lost silver mines. So, this issue of my blog post I am devoting to sharing a somewhat rare copy of the Swift Journal that was passed along to my fath…

Check Out Book

For those of your that have a keen interest in more detailed information about the Legend of John Swift's lost silver mines there is a Facebook group page. Check out Swift Silver Mines for some fantastic information and discussion by some modern day treasure hunters and experts. While you're at it check out my Swift page. You also can purchase your very own copy at the publishers link or

Upcoming post will feature a rare version of the Swift journal!   Check out the January 20th post!