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Daniel Boone at Camp Lulbegrud

Daniel Boone spent his first years exploring Kentucky hunting.  He made several trips after the successful trip of 1769.  He often brought a few hunting partners and would spend months hunting and collecting hides to take back to his Yadkin home.  From all accounts, Boone was credited to have as much knowledge of the land of Kentucky as any person alive.  While this was not likely true, he did spent much time learning the territory and made a name for himself.  His old friend John Finley (also, commonly spelled Findley) had long disappeared from the scene and history does not report much more about this great pioneer.  Boone on the other hand had become the authority.  Eventually, Boone would lead settlers, to a new Fort on the Kentucky River.
     But before the establishment of Ft. Boonesborough,  Boone and his fellow hunters established hunting camps around the region, generally seeking out game.  The most famous of these was one  Boone and his party of long hunters actually n…