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This and That

I'll be taking a break on this blog post this Labor Day Weekend but will be back on a regular bi-monthly schedule starting September 16th. We hope that you enjoy the blog posts and photographs we gather from around our beautiful state. There are so many things to see and do and it is the upcoming fall festival season.  Practically every weekend from now until Thanksgiving communities are having their annual festivals. These are a lot of fun and some are quite unusual. Here is a link to give a preview of upcoming events.
    If you enjoy reading my blogs and have suggestions or ideas of places and people, please tell me in the comment section below. I promise I will get back to you and keep in mind all comments must be approved before they are actually posted. So, if you don't want you comment posted,  but would like to contact me, well, the comment section is the best way. 
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   Kiowa Scott Muncie who guest posts on this site wil…

We called it the Light House

There are so many version of the Swift Journal containing many landmarks that it can be downright confusing sometimes. Over the years, sifting through many variations there are few landmarks that seem common to all the different versions. One notable is the famous 'light house.'  Swift in describing one of the areas of his 'mines' claims to look  across the valley to cliff with a hole in it. "The slope across the hills west there is a big rock that looks like a buffalo rock. We cut our names on it: Swift,  Monday, Greser,Jefferson and others. You can stand on top of this hill above buffalo rock and look west through the hole in the top of the cliff and see the sky beyond. We called it the 'lighthouse.' Not far from the drying ground west we carved turkey tracks under a cliff pointing backwards to the mine." *     The Red River Gorge country is famous for the numerous natural arch formations in the sandstone cliffs of the region. Of the hundreds in t…

High Rock Carving

    One of the strangest carved rocks is the High Rock petroglph. The strange symbols and carvings found on this large boulder have never been understood. And they are unlike any other carvings in the region. The rock was discovered under a small rock shelter near High Rock on the south fork of the Red River in Kentucky. Most of the Swift silver mine searches over the decades have been concentrated on the north fork of the the Red River and some on the middle  fork. To give perspective, the Red River is comprised of three different forks and watersheds. The north fork is the famous Red River Gorge area with many of the features and landmarks that I have written about in this blog.  The middle fork flows by the famous Natural Bridge State Park. The south fork is rarely mentioned but in the 1970's was the location for this unique carved rock.
    Many, of course, have speculated as to who produced the carvings ranging from the Adena culture "doodling" on a rock to pass away…