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The Red Bird Petroglyph

One of the strangest rocks on display is found in Manchester Kentucky. For it is here that the Marked Rock is preserved and on display. Also known as the Red Bird Petroglyph, this rock bears numerous carvings like no other ever discovered in Kentucky. While we are all familiar with so-called turkey tracks and numerous other rock carvings none resemble the strange symbols left by someone ages ago.
    The Marked Rock has been studied by many and while some of the symbols clearly resemble samples of ancient scripts from different lands, no one can say for certain exactly what they mean.

     On display with the rock is an interpretive sign that offers samples claimed to be from ancient alphabets and amazingly do resemble extremely close the carvings on the rock. So why would such a variety of scripts, all now dead, be left on a large boulder in Clay County Kentucky?

    The boulder was actually brought to his present resting place in a city park along the banks of Plum Creek in the…

Special Offer

I really love doing this blog and would do it even if I were not trying to promote the sale of my book. And I know, some of you probably get tired of me always pitching to buy the book. But when you have a book out and believe it is a good one that is suitable for most readers one has to try to promote as much as possible. So, with that in mind I am offering two of these aqua clips (bottle carrier) free to anyone who purchases a book through my website .  Just send me an email containing a copy of your purchase receipt and I will ship you two of these most unique items and pay for the shipping as well.

    The Aqua Clip is one the handiest things I've seen for carrying your water bottle around with you, hands free. This ingenious little clip snaps around the neck of most plastic bottles and slips down over your belt, waistband or whatever you wish to hang it on. And it stays secure. It is perfect for day hikes and your regular walks. I use it all the time for…

New Video

Hey folks! Just a quick note that Ross and Mike Steely's new video Swift's Silver Mine- The Truth Behind the Myth is now available for viewing at This is a great video interviewing a lot of different folks on the subject and offers a complete history of the legend.