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What an Amazing year-1755

For all those that follow and treasure the Swift mine lore, one of the key elements in all versions of the supposedly Swift journal is the per chance meeting Swift had with a Frenchman named George Munday, sometimes spelled Mundy.  In nearly all accounts of the legend John Swift joined the pioneer militia and combined British army under the command of General Edward Braddock.  This time being before the winds of revolution evolved into all out war, the single purpose here was that the French had established a Fort at the the point where the two rivers combined and formed the mighty Ohio.  Today this location is Pittsburgh.  The French and Indian allies of various trips were intent on keeping the British loyal colonist from expanding westward.  It was into this volunteer and regular army that Swift claimed to have joined.  Here he says that he met a prisoner, George Mundy,  that claimed to have been mining and smelting silver south of the Ohio River in the wilderness.
     Now the …

Some Background and Links

Facebook fans can now find a group, Swift Silver Mine, dedicated to sharing information about the Swift Legend.  It was just started by my friend Mike Steely.  Mike published a great book entitled "Swift's  Silver Mines and related Appalachian Treasures."  Mike's work is the most comprehensive collection of treasure stories and mysteries of the mountains I've seen.  The book is available from Check out Swift's Silver Mines for more information.
     While the story of "Swift" that I am telling is a novel and does not necessarily delve deep into the many variations and oddities of the lost treasure, it does indeed remain true to the basic legend as well as accurate time lines involving popular characters of early Kentucky history.  The book is in final edit stages and as noted in earlier post should be out for publication by early spring. Personally, I really dislike this stage of production, because, obviously, I am anxious to get t…