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Louis Tells a Story -Swift Excerpt

This excerpt from my novel "Swift" is the exchange between the three main characters and a fellow that has searched many years for the lost treasure. Louis is, of course fictitious, but is based on some very likable and dedicated treasure hunters of the the past few decades. -Ed

Louis Tells A Story
      Louis Eversole lived up a hollow in the mountains along a small clear stream. Louis and his wife, Sarah, lived with at least six dogs and therefore always aware of visitors a good two minutes before they got to the front porch. They had lived on this small mountain creek for 40 years. Louis and Sarah grubbed out a small garden beside the clear mountain creek running down past their house. The house and various out buildings rested comfortably between the rocky, hemlock covered hillsides typical of a mountain homestead. Louis Wayne Eversole was considered an expert on the legend of the John Swift Silver Mine and had spent twenty years or more chasing after the dream tale. Year…


In nearly every version known of the Swift journal there are a lot of landmarks. Swift describes a rugged, rocky dense forested area where his treasures are hidden. As the journal was copied over and over down through the years no doubt mistakes were made. Likely some landmarks were omitted while others gradually were added.
    "You can stand on top of the hill above Buffalo Rock and look towards the west and see a hole through the cliff and the sky beyond. We call it Sky Rock or the Light House. Not far west of the mine is a small creek that sinks underground, and we called it the Drying Ground or Sinkon Creek.  About a mile west of the mine we cut turkey tracks under a cliff pointing backwards to the mine..."
    "He (Munday) led us to the Indian Stair Steps. You can stand on the top of the stair steps and look across the creek at the mine and the cliffs are in the shape of a half-moon...near the mine is a large drain at the head of which is a rock that resembles a…

All Clues Lead To Swift

Note: This issue of the Swift blog features Kiowa Scott Muncie, a modern day Swift researcher. Kiowa has long been interested in the Swift Legend and has amassed an extensive knowledge of the legend and Kentucky history.

  My name is KiowaMuncie, better known as "Ki" to some. I like to think of myself as a treasure hunter of theRed Riverregion in EasternKentucky. I was born and raised here exploring and hiking the Gorge for the past twenty years. Ten of those I've spent learning and searching for Swift's lost mines. During that time I've come across some amazing things. Perhaps the most amazing thing I found merely by accident will have a profound effect on the rest of my life.     I'll start with what I've come to call Swift's West Mine. I was out on a mushroom hunt one spring walking cliff lines, new country to me at that time, a very remote wilderness with no road or trail for miles. I found myself turned around with the feeling of being lost. I did …