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Whose Fault?

When it comes to situations that create the possibility of precious metal ore to be present in our predominately sedimentary rocks of Kentucky, they are rare, for sure.  Geologist consider the far reaching coal beds and limestone sediments formed from decaying swamp forests and marine bottom deposits respectively to offer little room for the right type of activity that would allow the presence of silver or other precious minerals.  There are exceptions, as I've pointed out in the past.  Take for example the curious peridotite deposits in Elliot County, Kentucky or the channel fill as describe of Bell Falls in the Red River Gorge.
     In our discussions, we must not forget the many fault systems in our state.  A fault is simply a place where the earth breaks and the land is moving apart in two different direction.  There are different kinds of faults but basically, on one side of the fault the land is moving up or down relative to the rock and ground on the  opposite side.  Im…

How the Project Evolved-Part Two

After retiring from the State Parks in 2003, in November the following year, I was interviewed by Byron Crawford, a Courier Journal writer.  Mr. Crawford came to me as if I were "the" expert on the Legend of John Swift. There are many more around the country that are far more expert on the Swift legend than me, for sure.  Anyway,  I remember we had a very enjoyable visit and before he left, he made the comment, "you should write a book."  His was referring, of course, writing about the John Swift Legend.  After his article appeared in the Courier Journal, I had numerous phone calls, crank letters and renewed interest in the story.  So I decided to write a book.  I determined early that I wanted to write a novel since the story had been factually about written to death.  After my experience with the multi-media program I  just thought a good story with good characters, playing on some known historical facts would be just the ticket.  Now, my first concern dealt…