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Fern Bridge

The Swift Legend is popular over several states and in Eastern Kentucky from border to border.  My personal experience, as noted in previous entries, is in and around the Red River Gorge area.  Others refer to the legend in other notable areas of the state. And of course, other sites that are encouraging are found in East Tennessee, Virgina and North Carolina to mention a few.  The Swift Legend has also been linked to the Carter County area of Kentucky. This is a good spot because of so many caves and great rock formations. One of my favorites is the Fern Bridge located right on Carter Caves State Resort Park.
     What makes the Fern Bridge so outstanding is that it is formed out of two distinctly rock types.  You see there basically are two kinds of natural bridges or arches found in Kentucky.  First, and the most notable, are the sandstone/conglomerate arches.  Natural Bridge, Sky Bridge and this one, Gray's Arch, all are formed from the weathering away of individual sand g…

The Strange Case of Bell Falls

I've noted in previous comments some of the oddities regarding Kentucky geology.  Contrary to popular belief not all of Kentucky's geological treasure is sedimentary rock deposits of limestone, coal and shale. Case in point is the igneous intrusion of Elliot county.  There could be others hidden below the surface.  There is another kind of strange deposit that geologist commonly call channel fills.  These are rock formations that appear to be a mixture of rocks all jumbled about without any sign of normal sedimentary stratification.  They appear almost like a creek or river bottom with stones rolled and tumbled along.  A channel fill is just exactly that, it is thought. If one can imagine that ancient streams, perhaps millions of years old, eroded down through the formed sedimentary rock from yet farther back in time.  As the stream cut and gouged its way down into the rock it naturally carried stones, dirt sand etc from its source and deposited, just like modern streams, al…