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Lost Treasure and Christmas

I will be posting a new entry in a few days about flint types of Eastern Kentucky. Not so much related to John Swift's lost silver mines but really of interest to those folks who enjoy geology and archaeology information. This site is still dedicated to the famous legend and promises new posts on the subject in 2014.In the meantime, stop by my publishing site Booklocker.comand order your copy of my book, Swift. It's a great story that includes all the famous Swift journal information available and some really neat perspective on early Kentucky history.
 The book is also available through Amazon.comand Barnes & Noblecom.Swift makes a great Christmas gift for someone interested in Kentucky history and especially the lore surrounding the oldest known treasure legend in the state. Ordering is easy and secure on line at either of this sites. You can also purchase at most book stores. If they do not have copies in stock most will gladly order it for you and delivery is fast. …