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Hey folks. Just a little reminder if you have thought about purchasing your own personal copy of my Kentucky historical novel Swift but have hesitated to purchase online. Fear not. We have a safe and secure web site directly from the publisher that can quickly ship your new book. And remember, if you send me a proof of purchase through my website email address  I will personally send you two of the bottle drink carrier, clips called Aqua Clip absolutely free.  You can check them out on a previous post.  Proof of purchase is simply attach a copy of your invoice/receipt in the email to the address below.

    Go here to purchase book:  Purchase Book

    Go here to submit purchase receipt:

    And be sure to stop by my official website: edhensonbooks

Fluorite Crystals Anyone?

If you like rocks and remotely interested in some pretty rocks then a visit to the Ben E. Clements Mineral Museum in Marion, Kentucky should be on your bucket list. For this museum houses one of the finest collection of fluorite crystals in the world. Located in the city of Marion, the Ben E. Clements Mineral Museum is situated in the famous western Kentucky fluorspar mining district. Fluorspar is a mineral that was used as flux in the making of steel. Fluorite is a crystalline form of the mineral and is used today to provide that "fluoride" in our toothpaste. At one time much of the country's fluoride came from this very region around Marion, Kentucky. Overseas discoveries of the mineral and cheaper prices shifted the supplies from other countries now days. The museum  has on display literally hundreds of the beautiful crystals that form naturally like two pyramids standing back to back.
    The fluorite crystals come in all sizes and colors but they all remain true…