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About the Legend

Currently, I am finishing up the edits and fine tuning my new novel entitled Swift. The novel chronicles the tale of three friends who accidentally discover clues to the hidden treasure. The background history about the legend is presented in a unique approach which gives readers an understanding of the legend.

The Legend of John Swift Silver Mines has touched many lives over the years and many people have spent fortunes searching for the elusive treasure.  Countless theories have been proposed and almost as many supposed journals that describe the secret location of the mines and caches of counterfeit coins.  There are a number of websites that briefly describe the Swift legend and the mystery has been written about in newspapers over and over again.

I invite anyone interested, knowledgeable or curious to join in on this site. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions or simply follow this site. We will be announcing the book release date and provide links to…