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Year In Review

I thought I would end the year with a post reviewing some of the highlights of this past year regarding this blog site and some things associated with the release of my book entitled Swift. It has been an exciting year with lots of stories of places and information about the legend.
    Back in January Mike and Ross Steely produced the most recent and up-to-date video regarding the John Swift legend. I was honored to be interviewed on that video and met the boys at the beautiful Cumberland Falls Dupont Lodge for the taping. It was a chance to see my good friend Mike again. I believe the last time I saw Mike was at the Silver Mine Weekend he had arranged in Jellico, Tennessee back in 1992, twenty years ago!

    Mike invited me to speak at the event a couple of years during the course of the time the event was held.  It was probably the biggest gathering of truly Swift researchers to ever come together in one place. The video is a very nice collection of information and fully explai…

Pinnacle Knob

This past autumn included a rare opportunity to visit one of the only restored "fire towers" still standing in Kentucky. Beginning in the late 1930's the US Forest Service and various state governments across the land began constructing observation towers on the highest points around the state. Their sole purpose was to locate and accurately pinpoint wildfires.
  In the heavily forested areas of Kentucky. Wildfires became, and still are, a problem during dry springs and especially the dry fall season with the continuous build up of falling leaf material coupled with the usually dry weather.
  At one time there were as many as 165 fire towers dispersed across the state according to the records.
Most were built in the 1930's and have since been removed or fell into disrepair. They served our state well up until the use of airplanes to provide spotter activities replaced the need for the fire towers.
  Located on Cumberland Falls State Park is the only completely res…