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Some Interesting Things Along The Way

I noted before one of the greatest pleasures of researching and writing about the John Swift legend was the opportunity and need to travel around the state to gather up information. I always keep my camera handy and usually snap a few shots to jog my memory later. Indeed some of the previous blog posts resulted in being in a place that seemed, at least to me, interesting at the time. We have such a beautiful and diverse state with equally beautiful and diverse people. So, if you are interested here are some more things I ran across that struck my fancy as I explored for the book Swift..
    Presently, believe it or not I have started on my second book. I can't tell you about it yet but just like the first it requires me visiting some pretty neat places and meeting some interesting folks to put the project together. Now I confess I never intended nor do I have the ability to be a great author. I wrote Swift, because, well, it needed to be written. The story needs to be told again…

Some Updates

Hello everyone. Thank all of you that regularly follow my blog site. You that have been with me from the beginning are aware that my subject materials are mostly about the legend of John Swift's lost silver mines, my book and descriptions of the places that are the basis of the stories. From time to time an odd piece shows up simply because it is something I encountered and found interesting. In the past year I've usually posted something about every week. Now that my book is out and requires more promotion time I need to make a schedule change in my blog.
    Starting November 21st I will be posting every two weeks or twice a month.
    I will also begin to expand into other areas of interest, especially unique places and people. 
    The next post is scheduled for November 21st  and is entitled Some Interesting Things Along the Way.
 Please don't forget to join my blog so that your email will get a notification when the posts come out. It is easy to sign up on the &q…

Indian Stairway Video

I've already posted about the Indian Stairway but I thought you might enjoy this video (less than a minute) made this year on the stairway in case you missed it on a previous post.
Indian Stairway

Daniel Boone Through Cumberland Gap

One important element of the story "Swift" includes the history surrounding Daniel Boone's successful effort to reach the Kentakee land west of the rough Allegheny mountains. History records Boone made his first unsuccessful attempt to reach the wonderful and bountiful lands in 1767.  Captain John Swift claimed in his journal that he and a company of men mined ore and smelted silver in the same wilderness during the years of 1760 through 1769.
    Boone negotiated the passes of the Cumberland Gap, named for the mountain through which the eroded valley allowed a horse trail and the narrows of the Pine Mountain following the Cumberland River. He and his party became disoriented and failed in their first attempt. On his second attempt in 1769, with John Finley as his guide, Boone reached the great hunting land and beautiful level savannas that he had heard about and his old friend John Finley already knew about. On June 7, 1769 Boone climbed the mountain today known as…