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Swift's Silver Mine: The Truth Behind the Legend

If you are new to this blog site and perhaps just starting your research into the legend that has captivated people in several states for more than two hundred years then you should start with this video. Swift's Silver Mine, the Truth Behind the Legend was produced by Ross and Mike Steely and released earlier this year.
    The video gives a good overall background to the legend and variations and consists of interviews with many folks associated with the search today. It is a great starting point and though I linked this video in a previous post I believe it to be worthwhile to mention again here.

Swift People

By now you know I have fond memories of the Swift legend and lore. Whether it is ever found or ever even existed is not the point to me. The point is basically in two areas and one of the main reasons I choose to write a historical fiction. My aim was to do basically two things. First, I believe this legend of lost mines of silver ore and hidden treasure in counterfeit coins worth millions to be the oldest known, recorded and kept continually "alive" passed down through the generations. It likely predates our countries independence and most certainly predates the formation of the state of Kentucky. Isn't it worth keeping alive for the next upcoming generations? I think so. Secondly, the searchers and dreamers of recent years and today are interesting and amazing people. Those who live in Eastern Kentucky will likely know or have known someone who searched for the lost treasure. I have met many over the years and can easily find hundreds on Facebook, TreasureNet and…