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Swift Interview

Just a quick update as promised. The Swift interview will air May 21 at 8:00 PM on KET. The last entry on this site covered the interview and location of the taping. If you are interested in learning about the treasure and see yours truly yacking about the legend, tune in on May 21st.

Swift Interview

It was a very interesting day April, 26. A production crew from KET (Kentucky Educational Television) taped a segment of yours truly discussing the background and lore around the famous legend of John Swift and his mysterious silver mines and treasure. I met up with the crew at Sky Bridge in the Red River Gorge and after a short hike down beneath the rock arch they video taped me discussing what I have come to know about the search and treasure.
    Basically, the short segment will focus more on the legends background and how long the story has been around rather than giving clues on searching for the supposedly hidden treasure. I hope that viewers will take away the importance of the history of the legend and not the debate whether silver and the mines ever existed. As I note in the interview, the beauty of the whole legend is just how long the search has been going on and how the legend originated at least as early as the first famous pioneers entered the wilderness that was to…

The Book

Just a note that my book about the adventures of modern day explorers, lost treasure and murder all wrapped up in this historical novel. The book is available at all the usual outlets; Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most book sellers. But why not get it direct from the publisher here.     More about the book and many interesting places and people are available on this blog site.