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Pilot Knob

The pinnacle the two were climbing this hot August day was known locally as Pilot Knob. It was famous in the region, although no one knew for sure how the place got its name. Pilot Knob was the last great peak on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau, which covered the eastern third of Kentucky, and the grand geologic feature marked the end of the rugged terrain of Eastern Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. Here the mountains abruptly ended and gave way very noticeably to the much more level bluegrass region of Kentucky. The view from Pilot Knob was spectacular and it had been said that pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone first saw the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky from this lofty view.             The smells of the deep, rich woodlands had now given way to the fresh scent of the many small Virginia pines that grow in abundance on the cliff tops. Will had learned many of the indigenous tree species and easily identified them along the way. He always enjoyed tryi…